1. Set Post to desired height {Example 6 ft}., level and let harden 2. Level line off top of low post to high post using a string line with a line level or laser leveling tool 3. measure down from top of the high post thats the drop, {13 inches example} 4. Standing outside the yard looking inside is how to figure if its a Right or Left Drop this example would be a Left Drop 5. This customer order looked like this, {Double Drive Gate 12 ft. opening 13 in. drop left}. All my custom steel fencing is accepted by all Home Owners Associations codes where Wood Privacy, Chain Link, Vinyl, And Pre-Manufactured Steel Fencing are NOT ALLOWED so buy the best backed by a My Lifetime Warranty "My Weld Breaks In My Lifetime I'll Fix It" Abuse and Lack of Paint Maintanace Excluded

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